Dressing for Your Body — Sunday Brunch

Being that I am a short girl, it took me too long to learn to dress for my body type.  I would always see models wearing this and that, but obviously it just didn’t fit the same on me.  Along the way, I have found a few great brands that seem to fit great and always give me the style I am looking for.  Here I will share it all with you!

Sunday Brunch

In honor of Sunday I will show how to kill it at brunch.  So, Sunday brunch is a tricky one because you never want to be too overdressed (which tends to happen a lot when you’re short), but you also don’t want to look too casual.  My go-to Sunday brunch outfit is super simple.  It usually consists of some sort of dress with a great, funky bag, and heels.   Sounds like I’m about to hit the clubs, I know!   But if you do it properly you can out-style  anyone in the room.

This outfit is the perfect for any Sunday brunch, especially for a short girl.  The low cut heel is one of my favorites because it makes your leg look instantly longer.  The knee length dress is appropriate for any brunch festivity, which makes it such a great staple.  Also, BCBG tends to fit amazingly, by not tayloring their outfits for the extremely tall.  The rose gold sunglasses match the shoe color perfectly, and also show the world that you are a #BadBitch.  The rainbow clutch adds the fun and will turn heads everywhere.



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