I’ll have a virgin blog on the rocks

As this is my first blog post I figured I would tell you a bit about myself.  First, I have always been known as short!  And you know what?  Being short is #famazing!!  As a short girl I get to strut to brunch in five inch Louboutins and not get a dirty look from anyone, which is something no tall girl in the room can say.  I have always had a great love for fashion, food, and travel.  Having toured most continents I have been able to gauge great insight into the fashion and food trends of the world.  And who doesn’t love indulging in a glass of sweet sangria in Spain?  I know I do.

Being that I really have no idea what I am doing here on this blog, I invite you all to venture with me on this journey.  I will share with you all my fashion finds, short girl drama, food, and luxury.  It is also likely that I will need your help with my daily drama.  I encourage you all to comment, as I would love to hear your thoughts (and it’s only fair since you get to hear mine).


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