When in Rome…or Asia

First 36 Hours

So, I’ve been in Asia for the past week and I have to say, I totally miss America!  It is so weird being in an area where nobody speaks your language.  When I first got here, I arrived in Tokyo, which is very similar to New York City, it’s crazy.  The biggest difference that really stood out to me was that in Tokyo NOBODY smiled.  People would literally be walking down the street and just stare ahead; even when they were in a group.  It would be like four people walking together in a line, but just not interacting.  It was something that I am so not used to. Despite all the differences, I was glad the my 18 hour flight was relaxing because I was not jet-lagged at all, and was able to take everything in! (you can check out the flight here) #HellYaDomPerignon


Tokyo, Japan

Despite the abundance of frown lines, Tokyo did have some great things too.  While I was there I heard that the Vintage shopping scene was great, so I decided to google some of the best shops and stumbled upon Eva Fashion Art and RagTag.  We hopped in a cab and ventured specifically to those stores and while searching for RagTag we found an amazing little walking street with many cute restaurants and stores (reminded me of SoHo).   Before arriving at RagTag we found a doughnut store that had the best and most exotic flavors ever! When we finally got to RagTag I was so impressed.  Imagine a three level, modern, ten-thousand-square-foot store filled with great quality consignment goods; from Adidas to Chanel!  YES PLEASEEE!!


 Kyoto, Japan

After a few days in Tokyo, I was very ready and almost eager to move on to the next destination: Kyoto, which is just a two hour train ride away.   When we arrived in Kyoto I immediately knew I would love it.  The former capital of Japan was just oozing with culture.  Everyone was so kind and excited to have me explore their city.  We stayed at the Ritz Carlton which was beyond amazing. The room was so authentic to the city that we even got to sleep on uber comfy Tatami mattresses on the floor.   The morning after we arrived we headed straight to town to see the area.  We even hiked a mountain for 30 minutes to see the monkeys at the top (will also post pictures).   I was completely obsessed with the baby monkey…I just wanted to take it home!  After coming down, sweaty and tired, ready to go back to the hotel, we pushed ourselves to see some temples, you know, the ones all the tourists go to.  At the end (my favorite part) the tour guide actually took us to his personal favorite which was far more beautiful than any temple I have ever seen!



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