Face It

Being here in Asia has consisted mostly of nature hikes and spa treatments.  Therefore, lately, I’ve been neglecting my daily beauty routines aka hair, foundation, mascara, etc.  As per coincidence, for the past few days I have also been feeling really low.  I get agitated easily and have not been in the mood for any fun.  

As I was self-reflecting by the pool today I realized that I have NOT felt pretty for quite a while, which is probably what triggered my bad moods.  I literally got mad at my massage therapist: who does that?  

Right when I came to my realization, I ran right upstairs to my hotel suite for some beauty upkeep, starting with tweezing my eyebrows (which were a jungly mess).  I then washed my face and went on to apply my makeup; and can I tell you it feels so good to finally have my face on!

Whenever I am trolling the internet I always come upon an article that “empowers women” to go around without makeup.  They say that people should be happy in their own skin and blah, blah, blah.  Obviously, there is some merit to that because yes, people should feel comfortable in their own skin.  However, whenever I read an article like that the words between the lines scream “if you wear makeup, you are ugly and insecure”.  

I think that if wearing a dash of foundation and some mascara makes you happier and more confident then do it!  Fuck the makeup haters #amiright  Every woman today has the power to do with her face as she pleases and if that offends people who cares.  

People should always put their best foot forward, and in this instance, face.  If wearing makeup, doing your hair, getting temporary lip fillers alla Kylie Jenner makes you happy and gives you the confidence you deserve, then it is all yours. 

I know that after putting on my makeup today I changed into a better me.  I was happier and more confident.  #ChinUpBoobsOut  Let’s just say that I slayed my nature hike today and felt hella good about it.   



Your favorite shortie <3


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