As I begin my journey to college, one word keeps flashing in my head: BUDGET.  No, not like the moving company.  I’m talking cash.  I live with the constant worry that I will run out of money or not have enough.  I feel so basic saying this, but it’s true.  

Let’s be real though.  All throughout high school I’ve had to “budget”, but if I used all my money it didn’t really matter.  I would still get to go home to my house, use my phone, watch tv, have gas in my car, etc.  I never truly had to worry about money. 

Now that the start of college is approaching I am thinking of how much monthly allowance I should ask my parents for.  I know that what I ask for must be the right amount because once I make my proposal I can’t go higher.  I begin to think of what I have spent in the past and what I will need in college. 


My high school expenses didn’t consist of much as most of my time was spent at home/restaurants with my family freeloading off of them.  During school, students were allowed off campus, so my friends and I would typically eat at restaurants every day for lunch with the occasional Starbucks run.  

High School Expendetures

  • Food $10-$30/day (weekdays) $20-$100 (weekends)
  • Gas $40/week
  • Shopping $100-$350/week
  • Other $50/week

Total: $280-$790/week

I just added that all in my head, but it seams about right.  And to be fair, I honestly thought I was spending less than that, but obviously not.  You see, in high school, all the money you spend is divided up, so it’s easy for spending to go unnoticed.  Some in cash, some on your gas card, some on neimanmarcus.com with your parent’s cc (without telling them), and some was just put on “the tab”.  

Can you see how I could be freaking out??  I really need to give myself a hard budget and stick to it!  Also, in college I will need to add expenses such as airfare and vacations, because, yes, I will be going to Vegas for thanksgiving break. 


Expected College Expendetures:

  • Food $10-$35/day (weekdays) $20-110 (weekends)*
  • Shopping $100-$400/week
  • Other $50/week
  • Travel $500/month
  • Vacation $2000/semester
  • Transportation $400/month

Total: $590-$1195/week

So, I know this sounds large (on the high end), but I did give myself some wiggle room.  Food, for example, would consist of a Starbucks and a lunch, or dinner and a drink.  Shopping needs NO explanation.  Other would be toiletries, tampons, paper clips, whatever.   Obviously, I will want to visit home and my friends, so travel would be for the plane ticket.  Vacation averages to about $500 a month, which is enough for a short weekend vacation with friends, or a nice two night #staycation to escape the carpeted floor dorm room.  And for the last one lets be real, I’m not going to be driving, so über will be my only mode of transport, and it can get expensive. 


Who else is having these problems??  I must sound like a rich bitch complaining and mentally debating this, but it is really causing me stress.  I guess I will not be flying first any time in the future…


Lost and confused,

5’4.25″ (the quarter inch does matter)


*weekend brunch is so fucking expensive!!!!


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