A Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Stylish Father

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we all are looking into the obligatory gift. I mean come on, they raised us, obviously it’s expected. Here I will post my short girl’s guide to becoming daddy’s girl. All you need to do is grab his card, go online, and order order order. #LinksIncluded


1. A Shaving Kit

Every man, whether he says it or not, wants a shaving kit. It makes them smell good and gives them the feeling of royalty while using it. However, even though there is plenty of access to this much coveted gift, NO MAN will go out and buy one for himself. This is why it makes a perfect (and reasonably priced) gift. 

The Art of Shaving, $175


2. A Tech Accessory 

Tech accessories are a good idea because they are so practical and will be used a lot, yet are kind of a nuisance to purchase as nobody goes out of their way to buy a new phone case. It is simply much better to receive one as a gift, as it is just less work. And let’s be real, men love the easy way out! #sexist


Shinola, $90

B&O PLAY, $400


3. A Belt

God knows men need help “keeping it up”, so why not do it in style? Find a nice belt that looks as good as the personality of the beholder. Belts are also great because they can be used every day. 


Ferragamo, $360


4. A Stylish Backpack

Every dad I know needs a purse, but ew. So the only obvious alternative is a backpack. When done right, a backpack can be extremely stylish and very practical. And men love practical. When searching for a backpack just remember fun and stylish. 


Tom Ford, $2950
Herschel, $55


5. A Luggage

A luggage is a great gift for a father. It is also a sly way to get him to take you on vacation…it gives him an excuse. Go ahead and swipe a new luggage for dad because it will just make him way happy. Plus, I don’t know what it is, but men are OBSESSED with luggages. (It’s where they carry their baggage)


Louis Vuitton, $3550


So there you have it! A gift guide to blow the socks off anyone. Oh, and don’t forget a card!! Your dad will be proud. 


Daddy’s Girl <3


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