How to Find A Guy in 1 Day

So last night I was simply relaxing in the bathtub in my hotel suite while watching a movie on my iPad.  Whenever I watch a movie it always ends up being one of three: Legally Blonde, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, or Clueless.  Last night my choice was the second one, which I actually watch less frequently than the others. 

Fast forward to today.  We start off the day by touring a local temple in Bangkok.  Afterwards we decide to have lunch at the Mandarin Oriental as it is close to all the best silver stores.  We arrive, very unimpressed by the scene, and walk over to the restaurant.  

Right then, with my blind eyes, I see him.  I don’t know how I saw him from 100 feet away, but I did.  Right there, seated at the last table in the secluded, lackluster Thai restaurant is, wait for it, Matthew McConaughey!  YES!  I didn’t sneeze, and you heard me correctly.  Ben Barry, Crow the Warrior King, whatever you may call him, was sitting 100 feet away from me.  

Of course, I walk up to the hostess and suggest she seat me at the table right in front of him, because I wouldn’t sit anywhere else!  As I approach the table I feel my toes go to my head and my head go to my toes.  I actually feel like I’m spinning…  At the time I didn’t think of this, but I should’ve passed out, or at least faked it, to maybe cop some mouth to mouth CPR from my celebrity crush of forever!  Whatever, too late, and the eye candy definitely sufficed. 

I know this sounds crazy, but this type of thing ALWAYS happens to me.  Whether it’s a Kardashian, Vin Diesel, Owen Wilson, Jonathan Cheban, or Sarah Jessica Parker; it always happens.  Right after I watch the show or movie, the celebrities appear in my life, and at the strangest and most unexpected moments. 

Obviously while seated at the table my inner Norman Bates couldn’t help snapping a few stalker pics of my favorite man crush.  I was so worried that he would see me, but he was way preoccupied with his own discussion (which was about an upcoming movie), so it was well worth the risk…and yessss I was eves dropping!!  I can feel the judgement and I assure you, I am NOT this creepy!  It’s just a one time thing. 


Here are some of my expert photos:



Okay, I probably just bored you with my uninteresting girl crush story, but I’m still freaking out about it!!  And yes, those are rhinestones on his laptop…he loves bedazzles too💎


Short and Stalky (get the pun?)


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