Dressing For Your Body — Night Clubs

Clearly, this is a bit of an ambiguous category for attire, but you all know that Shortie knows, and here I will tell you exactly what is hot and not when going clubbing.  First off, if you’re the type of girl who shows boobs and booty, keep reading!  If you’re the type of girl who gets really drunk and starts dancing on the tables, knowing everyone can see your hot pink Victoria’s Secret thong under your not long enough replica Herve Leger, get off now!  There is no going back for you. 



I find that people often think that the shorter you go, the more drinks you get.  WRONG.  The shorter you go, the more guys make fun of you and try to pick you up for a booty call that will not result in a walk of shame, because you will be kicked out before the night is over.  I’m not saying to go full on Jewish, but do keep a good length — at least 4″ below your Vag. 

Parker, $415

Parker, $395

Herve Leger, $1050



When it comes to cleavage it is imperative to remember two things.  1. No boobs and booty.  This means that if you’re wearing a tight and short bodycon dress make sure that your two best friends aren’t also exposed.  2. I cannot stress this one enough but make sure they’re covered.  I have been out too many times where girl’s boobs decided to break free.   Like no, so trashy.  Don’t be that girl!

Parker, $396

Emilio Pucci, $7800

For Love and Lemons, $282


So, here it is!!  Take this advice very seriously and remember that you are one hot gal.  You don’t need to dress like a hoe to have fun 😉



Your favorite shortie  



Stay classy…even when the tequila tells you not to. 


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