Southern Comfort

Being away from the glamorous world of night clubs, five star restaurants, and reality TV has definitely given me a different perspective on life.  It has also shown me how boring life can be…and when you’re bored, you eat…it’s just a fact.  While living in the North Carolina mountains for the past few days I have burned NO calories, met NO cute guys, and have probably gained 5 pounds.  Now I know where “southern comfort food” gets its name from. 

My days consist of waking up late, eating brunch, relaxing, eating dinner, watching a movie, then doing it all over again the next day.  It is here that I realize what a city girl I truly am.  I need the excitement and thrill that comes with city life.  And let me repeat it a again just in case you missed it…there are NO CUTE GUYS here!!!  

I am very much looking forward to flying home to Miami Beach tomorrow where I can click resume on my normal life.  I will be back in a city where skinny is fab and the lights don’t go out until 5am.  Trust me, it’s a healthy way to live.  And no, the 100 degree weather does not bother me, especially while laying out on the beach with a crisp ocean breeze.  I don’t need nurturing…I need small, overpriced meals and men to buy me drinks because they think it will get them laid (which it won’t).   And if you are a man reading this don’t think that just because you buy a woman a $16 drink means that you will be taking her home.  It just will not happen. #WeMakeFunOfYou

I have had a lot of fun on my mini mountain vacation, but I am more than ready to get back where I belong.  For now, I ask that you all pray for me to maintain my current weight at least until I fly home tomorrow.  You all know how irresistible baked beans and BBQ pulled pork can be. 

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