The “C” Word

Do you ever have to pack for a trip and just not know what to bring? Ya that’s me.  Except this time I’m packing for college.  Yes I said the “C” words…it’s frightening.  Being that I’ll be in this place of hot boys, many hours of school work, and non stop partying, it is important to bring something for every occasion.  However, every occasion doesn’t fit in my tini tiny not so walk in closet.  

While trying to decide what to bring, there is one word that keeps flashing in my mind: cute!  But here’s the thing, cute isn’t always practical.  And here’s a secret, I am such a JAP (Jewish American Princess) it’s insane.  For example, my main struggle over the past two days has been what shoes to bring.  Yes, this might sound easy to the average person, but I’m not that.  Confession time: I have 30 boxes of shoes in my room waiting to be shipped to Dallas, and all of them have a price tag of over $600.  That’s not a type-o.  

The point I’m trying to make is that my closet is NOT practical, while college needs it to be.  I have never done this before, so don’t hate, but really I have no clue what to bring!!

The clothing part is a bit more simple, as I tend to dress more simply than I accessorize.  My outfits usually consist of neutrals, such as black and only black.  So yes, I have set aside 2 black jeans, 3 denims, 1 white denim, 4 jean shorts of various neutrals, a ton of black shirts, some greys (not 50 shades though…sadly), 3 black skirts, 1 grey skirt, 2 white skirts, 1 blue one #weird, a crap load of dresses because they make my boobs look good, and a cover up.  Okay, take a break from that run on sentence now.  

Now that is not all that I have set aside, but you get the gist of it.  Oh and I forgot my three monclers for when the tempurature falls below 65 degrees…I’m a Miami girl, in case you didn’t know.  

So do you see now what I have to deal with here?  I don’t know what to bring.  But I do know one thing, my roommate is gonna need to share a closet with someone else because I am getting there first and claiming it.  Sorry.  

These are the thoughts of a short girl who is as impractical as cheap wine.  

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