No Place Like Home

Miami Heat is a real thing, and I am so glad to officially be back in it.  One hundred degree weather does not even bother me when I am in my happy place.  There is definitely something very alluring about Miami that nobody really understands until they visit, but once you do, you’re hooked forever. 

So today was really my first day back in my normal life.  Instead of jet setting to Asia, partying it up in New York City, or relaxing in North Carolina, I am back in Miami where I belong.  

Let me give you a quick taste of what an average day consists of for me.  

  1. Wake up no earlier than 10 am
  2. Shower
  3. Open the front door for whichever friend deciding to stop by
  4. Head to the beach for lunch
  5. Have a delicious salad and a great drink
  6. Relax (either at home, by the pool, or on the beach)
  7. Go get dinner
  8. Get ready for any event taking place after 11 pm, sleep included

So no, life here really isn’t very tiring.  In fact it is very relaxing, but still fun and entertaining: basically a combination of NYC and NC.   It’s tres chic. 

Today for lunch and lounging, my friend and I went to the Edition Hotel which is beyond amazing and if you haven’t gone yet, go now!  Like actually get in the car and go.  We ate lunch outside by the pool, then went inside for a Latte and cake.  I know I probably gained a pound, but trust me, it was worth it!  

After, we came back to my house, which is, not to brag, fucking amazing.  We chilled there for a few hours, then headed to Coyo in Wynwood for some tacos…also amazing.  ***By the way, if you haven’t been to Wynwood yet, or have been wanting to explore, yet haven’t found the time, you should really go because the food is great and the street art will change you. 

Now that I am back in my domain I really have nothing more to complain about (even though at times my complaining is entertaining).  I am grateful to be in a place that I love with people I love even more.  I am, and will always be, a Miami girl.  However, now I’m going to play with my dog, but here are a few pictures for you to be jealous of:


Hugs and kisses,

Taller now that I am amongst shorter people



  1. So day in the life of me…VERY different…probably totally opposite but nonetheless looks and sounds amazing! Def gotta say I’m a little jealous! I have traveled lots of places but Miama is not one of them…on my bucket list for sure though! Love all the greenery around the pool and patio which is accented tastefully by the bright green chairs! Food too – looks delicious!

    Next time I’m in Florida, Miami is officially on my list as well as this spot!

    – k.leslie

    • Awe you’re so sweet! Yes if you are ever in Miami let me know and I will definitely give you a list of suggestions of my favorite spots!! <3

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