How’s Your Aspen?

You have seen me traveling in Asia, New York City, North Carolina, back home in Miami Beach, but now I rest in vacation heaven. For the past few days I have been enjoying my time in Aspen, Colorado. You may ask how a small ski town can be my favorite summer spot. I will tell you. Somehow, in Aspen, I always feel at home. 

The first day I was here, I hopped off the plane, took a deep breath and relished in the smell of fresh mountain air. The temperate was a bit cooler than I would have liked, but it was still a great alternative to Miami Beach’s 90 degrees, 100% humidity.  And let me remind you, Miami Beach weather is really not fabulous. 

Being here is the best change of scenery. Rather than spending my days shopping either in Harajuku or on Madison Avenue, I spend my days hiking and doing other fun things that I hardly ever do, like play cards. I mean obviously I have shopped a bit, but it wasn’t the main event of my trip.

Aspen, to me, is a favorite childhood memory. I would come to ski and hike, but my 6-year old self felt like the queen of adventure. So now, every time I am here I get the chance to relive that memory. And let me tell you, I fucking love it.  

And what I love even more is that NO woman in this WHOLE town is taller than 5’7″!!! (which makes me feel pretty great)  I’m totally in my domain here ~casually doing a hair flip right now~

However, you can’t come to aspen without doing a few key things. 

  1. Hike Hunter Creek (the Ute if you’re feeling really adventurous)
  2. Stop at “The Big Wrap” for a bite to eat — the line is typically out the door
  3. Head to Boogies — you will find many fun t-shirts that totally belong in Aspen
  4. Whether you are a pot smoker or not, you should take a look into one of the local apothecaries (very entertaining) 
  5. Relax

Despite my adventurous adrenaline rush, today I decided to be pretty lazy and skipped hiking, but I did get to do some cardio by stopping in Zadig and Voltaire aka my favorite clothing store of all time. **They have one in Miami Beach, but I will never go in because I know that I’ll buy the whole store.**  I also got a chance to do #3 on my list, and therefore I now own some really cool shirts (I will show you pictures below).  Honestly though, my stomach is killing as I have been waiting to eat dinner since 1:30 so I’m peace-ing out ✌️


Adventure Shorty





Shirt, Bruce Springstein Born in the USA, Trunk LTD, $58

Shirt, The Who, Junk Food, $45



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