Date Night ;)

Do you ever get that feeling of ‘what did I just get myself into?!’ before going on a date?  Well that was me yesterday.  It seems that my type is very distinct…guys that are wrong for me.  I’m always surrounded by great guys, and I just happen to choose the wrong ones.  I should get a trophy for that. 

So, yesterday was date night with a guy that I have known for a long time, but haven’t really spoken to much.  The pickup time was 7:30 and he was right on time**.  He decided to take me to sushi* which was fun because everyone loves sushi and it isn’t a messy food.  Let’s be real, thank god it wasn’t tacos.  

We went to the restaurant, and they seated us at a table with prime seating — reminded me of The DUFF.  We had a nice meal then walked around Lincoln Road after.  We also stopped in my favorite ice cream shop, The Frieze.  I kept reminding myself not to spill the ice cream all over myself (as I do EVERY single time). 

After walking around for a bit, he took me home*.  I invited him inside my house (ooooo….not what you’re thinking) to look around.  We ended up on the sofa talking about paranormal activity, so ya, now I’m never going to stay in my house alone again at night time.  Thank you very much.  

A while later we decided to venture outside to sit on the dock.  For being in Miami, the weather was actually perfect.  My favorite crisp bay breeze was giving me a great hair moment.  I was expecting him to try to pull a move the whole time, but he didn’t*, so we just sat, talked, joked around, and stared at the few stars we could see.  

Honestly, it was overall a great night and he was a perfect gentleman**.  I’m happy I went out with him, but would I go again, maybe, maybe not.  I will let you know next time what happens 😉 


See you soon,

Short and Awkwardly Flirty 


*=date points

* total = 7 (pretty good)


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