Date Night #3 


That right there is what you all will be doing after you finish reading this.  

Now, where should I even start?  So, remember the guy from all my #DateNight posts?  The one that was really sweet and shy, and not really what I’m used to.  Well tonight he FRIEND ZONED me!!!  Yup, I should write it again in bold: FRIEND ZONE 

So, as we always do, we started off the evening on a good note.  He picked me up, right on time, and we went on our way.  Tonight was a pizza date at my favorite place, in case you were wondering.  We had a fun time there…and let’s be real…it’s impossible not to because the pizza is SO good!

After the pizza, we came back to my house and went in the pool.  And let me tell you, not to be slutty or anything, but I was wearing my seductress bathing suit.  It is just so low-key sexy.  But whatever, not the point.  

We’re in the pool for sunset, then we go lay down on an outdoor bed in my back yard.  We stargaze and watch the Miami skyline for about an hour.  You know, super romantic.  WHEN HE SAYS…..

I’m going to be straight with you, I’m attracted to you, but I really think we should be friends.

Yeah, go ahead and read that again if you’d like.  Because he just friend zoned me.  He kept on by explaining that he really does truly want to be friends because he loves my company, but we are going to college soon and he is just not a physical person.  Blah, blah, blah.  

So basically, in short, he told me he was gay/a-sexual.  And honestly how can a guy be “attracted” to me, yet not want to make out with me at every moment possible.  I just don’t get it.  

So after that bomb, which I somewhat expected, I went into defensive, passive aggressive bitch mode.  Yes, the one word answers were #flowing on my end.  K.  Ya.  Mmhmm.  I agree.  Nope.  

I think you get the point right?  

Obviously he left soon after that, and I really can’t see any of this from his perspective.  I believe heavily in YOLO…and I’m not the only one, because even before Drake said it, there was Carpe Diem.   YOLO goes back to ancient times.  So I really just can’t understand why someone would place a barrier on a relationship that both parties want. 

It kind of makes me think that I was the only one into it and he just did not want to hurt my feelings.  I mean, I think my thoughts are pretty average regarding the subject.  And actually, after I told him that we probably would not hang out again, he seemed genuinely sad.  I mean, what?!  

So basically after all of this, I know now that men are from mars and I will never understand them. 


A little bit confused right now,

Shorty </3



    • I know!!! He messed with my mind, but ya not sad about it at all. A little disappointed, but no tears will be shed. Xo

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