Boy Drama……againnn

So…I am in desperate need of advice.  Boy advice, to be specific.  And honestly, I just don’t know what to do.

Here is some background info for you:

  1. We have basically been “seeing” each other since the first day of school
  2. He gets a little touchy when talking about defining our relationship
  3. Today he revealed that he wants an “open-relationship”

But this is the thing though.  I happen to really like this guy, and what I don’t like is the way that he treats me sometimes.  Hello?!  I am the girl and should be treated like a princess, and I am just not.  He will do cute things like cuddle me and tell me how much he “likes me”, but does he show me?  Not really.

And regarding us having an open-realtionship.  LOL.  Let’s be real, I’m like a 9, and he is like a 6.  I am totally out of his league…and if he does choose to make out with some random girl, she just will not be on my level.  She just won’t.  And for guys.  If I make out or go on a date with someone else, he will one hundred percent be hot!

And I know you must be thinking…’This guy sounds like a total douche bag!  What is this amazing, beautiful, smart girl doing wasting her time on him?’  And I suppose a part of me agrees with you on that one, but then again, there’s the part of me that doesn’t.  I need some answers ASAP…so here is a list of pros and cons of this dude.


  1. I am comfortable around him
  2. He doesn’t stress the small stuff
  3. He is not as hot as me*
  4. Is a soccer player = very good body
  5. Cuddles me
  6. Looks good with me
  7. Has a unique style–love that
  8. Have so much fun with him (mostly)
  9. Keeps me safe #literally
  10. He reassures me 
  11. Likes my flaws
  12. Is handsome
  13. Chivalrous
  14. Really fun and cool personality


  1. Wants an open relationship
  2. Is uncomfortable with PDA
  3. He is not as hot as me*
  4. May be an alcoholic–still being determined
  5. Bratty
  6. He spits sometimes (like on purpose)
  7. Can be very rude -to me-
  8. Makes me feel sad sometimes
  9. Doesn’t want to be with just me (ref. number 1)
  10. Soccer = life
  11. Hasn’t taken me on a date yet
  12. Doesn’t want to be “tied down”
  13. Won’t always tell me what he is thinking
  14. Good advice

So there you have it.  My pros and cons.  And now, in my next post, I have a story of a lifetime regarding this guy that is still being written.  But for now, please tell me what to do because I am extremely torn inside.


Short and Spineless



  1. If you’re a 9, and he’s a 6 … want’s an open relationship, doesn’t want to be tied down … MOVE ON! Forget him. You will regret settling for him! A much better guy is out there, one that will give you what you’re looking for. Don’t compromise yourself. You will be much happier.

    • You’re totally right!! The one few things I do like don’t make up for the many things I don’t. <3

  2. I am mostly concerned with #8 and #11 on the Cons list. The guy you are with should make you happy and treat you like a princess! He should be dying to take you out…not giving you half ass reasons why he doesn’t want to be tied down! You deserve better, girl! xo

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