you fucked yourself

So basically, since the last time we talked, a lot of shit has gone down.  I went back to Miami Beach to see the fam, clear my head, and party, but luckily while I was there I realized how much I missed this soccer guy!

Given that, when I came back to campus, I was willing to make up, maybe give his ‘open-relationship’ a shot, and more than anything be with him.  He wasn’t there when I got back, but my roommate was, so I headed over to hang out with her.  On my way, FIVE MINUTES AFTER I ARRIVED ON CAMPUS, I bump into one of my friends from home.  She says to me, “so, what’s up with you and soccer guy?”  I said, “we’re done”, even though in my head I was totally planning on making up.

She then responds with, “okay good, because he was with Kara this morning.”  Um what?!  Pause the show!  Take a few steps back and REWIND!  Also, good friend you are to be so inconsiderate of my emotions✋🏼

And the angel that I am thought that “with” meant just make out, but hah, wrong.

Obviously, like the sane teenage girl I am, I confront soccer dude.  I let him know that I know, and that I am just too grossed out to talk about it.  We talked a little and as each minute passed, I realized we were on whole different playing fields.  HE HAD SEX WITH HER!!!  #yak

We talked a little more and I found out that he had sex with her on “Saturday”, after we had ended things and I was in Miami.

Later, when we stopped talking I thought about it more and more, and realized he lied.  We had ended our previous conversation on relatively good terms, so when I came to his room to help him with homework he got much more than he expected.  I put this oh so cool soccer boy to shame.  He had sex with Kara on Friday night, when we were still together, and I was texting him wanting to spend my last night in town with him.  That. Is. Fucked. UP!

Needless to say, I am officially SOOOO DONE with him.  #dunzoaf
And by the way, just to let you know how much I rule and he drools, when I left his room I told him, “it’s okay, you deserve her…she’s gross and you are too!”  DROPS THE MIC!


Your oh so intolerant short babe!

Oh and post note, while we were in his room he told me that no guy at the school would stay with me given that we haven’t had sex yet.  I told him to give me a week.



    • I know!!! Before I left I thought maybe there was some hope for him, but not anymore. He’s officially deleted!

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