So, as you all know I have been stuck here in the terrible city of Dallas, TX for about the past month.  Who am I kidding?  Dallas is amazing!!


If you don’t know about Dallas, good, because I am about to tell you about my whole first month.


I started school, which is very stressful, and I probably should be studying Calculus right now instead of blogging, but whatever.  So, since late August, I have been on a mission to explore.  It is a little difficult, as I am just so busy here.  There are rush dates to go on, tests to study for, actual dates to go on, and most importantly, time alone.  And I would like to stress that to EVERY college student out there: make sure you leave time for yourself!!!


Luckily though, since I have been here, I have found many friends who gladly occupy my free time and accompany me on my sushi errands or salon appointments.


For the past month I have been able to explore a few restaurants here and there, some good and some just god awful!



I will start with the worst.

  • If you are ever in the mood for pasta, brunch, or $1 mimosas, eat in the cafeteria and make your own mimosas because Penne Pomodoro may just be one of the worst restaurants I have been to in my LIFE!  It is “reasonably priced” aka the food is the worst quality and you are getting ripped off for it.  Did I mention that it’s a chain?  Well, not quite, but it may as well should be. #UpscaleMcDonalds
  • Whenever your friends tell you that they know of a great place called Sangria, and you just have to try it, do not be fooled by its name.  Sure, it sounds like a cute Barcelona-esqe restaurant with fabulous sangria (since it is in the name!!!), but let me tell you, it is not!  The sangria is made of cheap wine, mixed with grape juice, with some diced apple thrown in. NO NO NO!  Turns out, it is owned by the restaurant above.  Hmmm… 


Now, let’s turn this around and look at the bright side a little.

  • If you enjoy happy hour, and I mean sushi happy hour, then be sure to try Sushi Axiom.  The atmosphere is great and the sushi is delicious.  And let me remind you, they do have sushi happy hour aka cheap sushi…and who doesn’t like that.  The restaurant was very clean, which is something that I cannot say about the others above, and it did not give off the fast food, chain vibe that I was totally feeling at some of the others^^.
  • Another place that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is Nick and Sam’s Grill.  If you know Dallas, you may have heard of Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse; well this is the more casual, version of that.  And let me tell you, whatever you order, you will foodgasm EVERY time!  I was there for brunch this morning and I swear I gained six pounds.  The cinnamon bun is TDF and the ‘Eggs Benny’ Pizza is better than anything you’ve ever tasted.  Let’s just say, I’m in love.
  • Now, for one of my favorite places of all time: Le Bilboquet.  It is my favorite french restaurant on the Upper East Side, and boy am I lucky that they have one here in Dallas.  If you ever decide to go, no matter what city you are in, be sure to order the Poullet Cajun–you experience a whole new level of love.  This restaurant is on the pricey side, so if you are asked on a date, and the man tells you to pick the restaurant, do this one! <3



Now, to make you salivate and become extremely jealous, I will share some photos from my brunch this morning!!



Yeah, I know!  Awesome, right?

Anyways, I think that I should probably get some sleep before my 800 tests tomorrow!


You know I love you,

Short and Satisfied


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