Yes I just lost my virginity–I have never been stood up before, and today, I got stood up.


I don’t know how this happens, but I seem to be a douche-bag magnet!  Let’s be real, when you make plans with someone, you do NOT bail, especially without notice!!!


So let me give you my original plans for tonight:

  • Get ready for dinner
  • Douche bag picks me up
  • We go to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner
  • Head back to his house
  • Cook
  • Sit down, open a bottle of wine, and indulge in a glorious steak dinner


Obviously, none of that happened, otherwise I would be there enjoying a filet, and not here, at my desk, typing away.

So my question here is why do guys think it okay to treat girls like this?  Not to sound conceited, but I am just too smart, pretty, and fun to be treated like this.  So what is it?  Is he really just a douche?  Or is it me?  I can’t help but think that I am doing something wrong.  And the worst part, I called and texted him and he just did not respond for two hours.  And his response was BEYONNNDD shitty.  Just no.


I just need to know what I am doing wrong, if I am doing anything.  Or is it just dudes being douche bags, because it is innate for them?


Please give me your advice,

Short and Stood Up💔



  1. You did nothing wrong. Keep your head high and when (not if, because you WILL hear from him again) he texts you again, do not reply! He doesn’t deserve a second of your time or attention. Easier said then done, but do your best to be strong and resist the temptation to engage. Go dark on him just like he did to you tonight. You can do it. Stay Glam & Sassy. xo Gina

    • You are 100% right!! And I really should ignore him forever, and I want to. But guess who is his date to semi-formal this Friday? Me. I just do not want to deal with it, but after his semi-formal I am going to place SO much distance between us. Sucks to be him. And thank you so much for the motivation, it actually will help!!! <3

    • I really hope so! After all these bad experiences with boys, I’m starting to think they’re all like this!!

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