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During a long week of essays and midterms, it is often a good idea to do a bit of cyber-stalking on social media.  You know, check up on x-baes, see how your friends from home are doing, etc.  So, as I scroll down my Facebook newsfeed this title comes up “Watch Kendall Jenner Expertly Do the Whip”.  Obviously I have to see if her whip is better than mine, so I click the link.


What comes up might have just been the best thing ever.  A commercial for a collaboration between Balmain and H&M.  We all see celebrities from Nicki Minaj to Rihanna rocking this line, and we all low-key covet the shit out of it.  But, now, it is available for us, the people who don’t always want to spend 10 thousand on a dress.  I mean, the line is still pretty pricey, but is a great middle grounds with prices ranging from $30 to $650.


Now, I don’t think I can express how EXCITED I am for this line to come out on November 5th.  So, if you decide to shop for Christmas gifts early this season, make sure to check this out, because I am positive it will sell out fast!


H&M, you have my deepest congratulations–this line will be dope.


Your Short Balmain Babe💋


Here are my personal favorites <3



  1. Super cool…I love H&M collaborations. (And Balmain of course!) I have pieces from Stella McCartney c2008 and Isabel Marant from last year…! Great feature x

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