The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

Many struggle with their weight on a daily basis.  I know I did.  Whether you went through a stressful time in your life or you just like to eat, you packed on the pounds, and now are ready to say goodbye.  Last New Years, I made a resolution to lose the weight that I had gained in high school.  25 pounds to be exact.  Yes, you heard me, 25 FUCKING POUNDS!


I don’t know what it was, but something inside me just clicked, and I knew that I had to make a change.  I kept blaming my weight gain on muscle build up from sports, but I literally just woke up and realized I was fat.  Not fat, but way too chubby for me.


Since the New Year, I have successfully lost 30 pounds (as of July), and have kept it off until now.  I actually have a current goal of losing an additional 10 pounds, but that is besides the point.  Here I am going to share with you how I did it.


Now, before I share with you my secrets, I have to let you know that it is not easy, and at times, not always the healthiest.  I did not work out once, but I did what worked for me.



The Real Deal

  1. So, I started off by postponing my first meal for as long as possible.  Drink. Drink. Drink.  Is all I can say.  Water needs to become your best friend if you are going to do what I did.  Many will say that breakfast is the most important thing during weight-loss.  This is wrong.  Go until you can’t go anymore.
  2. After my stomach got used to not having food, I began to set a time for my first meal.  11:30am to be exact.  That was when my classes got out and when my lunch break would start.  In the beginning I would go to a juice shop in Miami called JugoFresh and get a smoothie called ‘Jugofly’.  I liked this one because it was very dense and filled me up until my next meal.
  3. Eat dinner early!  I cannot stress this one enough.  Whatever time you go to sleep, your last bite of food should be at LEAST 4 hours before.  I would eat dinner every day right when I got home at 4 pm, then after that I was done for the day. No late night snacks.
  4. Drink Drink Drink!  Especially cold water.  Cold water boosts your metabolism and makes your body work harder.  You will literally burn more calories while staying hydrated and healthy.
  5. Go to bed early.  A good night’s sleep is a great way to reboot your body and give you energy for the next day.  Rest up.  Especially while on a diet, it is very important to get your sleep.
  6. While I dieted I kept a mental note of things that I couldn’t eat.  If a friend would offer it to me I would say “I don’t eat that.”  Mine were any bread products and candy.  Aka no cake, cookies, sweedish fish, sandwiches, etc.  I found that bread and refined sugars opened up my appetite and made me crave more food.
  7. Remember that just because it is deemed “healthy” doesn’t mean that it always is.  Look at calories because that is what matters.  There are approximately 3,500 calories in one pound of fat, so if you want to lose one pound that is how many negative calories you must have.  It is that simple.  One hundred calories is the same and will lead to the same amount of weight gain or loss no matter what food it is.  Whether it’s carrots or cake, calories are calories: count them.
  8. On the calorie note, be cautious of salad.  Although the lettuce and toppings may not have many calories, the dressings are loaded with them.  For salad, try using a light drizzle of dressing then adding lemon juice.  It will spread the flavor of the dressing without the calories.  Just so you know, a typical amount of dressing on a meal sized salad amounts to 400 calories, which is the same as three chicken fingers.  I would opt for the chicken fingers.
  9. A thing that I love doing is going out to eat.  I mean, who doesn’t?  I love being wined and dined, and I love fine cuisine.  However a big thing that helped me while losing weight was bringing exact cash.  Leave your card at home.  I even started doing this in college because I noticed myself eating more than I should.  When you leave your house to go to a restaurant, know what you want before hand and bring the cash for what you want, give or take $5.  This way you won’t be tempted to order appetizers, sides, or deserts.  You can only eat a main.
  10. I read online that your stomach is about as big as your two fists together–basically 1.5 cups of food.  Your stomach will stretch if you eat more, but we do not want that.  When serving yourself a portion, either at home or at a buffet style place, try to only put about a cup or two of food on your plate.  It will be enough to fill you up.
  11. There are NO seconds.  Your first serving is your only serving for that meal.  You are not allowed to get up for more.  That is a hard rule.  It is easy to eat more than you think when you have two plates of food.  You just don’t need it.
  12. Do NOT bring food to your room.  Eat in the kitchen.  After your last meal, do not eat more food.  If you are extremely hungry take a small handful of something low calorie and saturated with water.  My go to were blueberries.
  13. Remember that despite how shitty it may feel to not eat the double double animal style, you will thank yourself later.  The worst is regretting a food choice.
  14. Again, h2o is the way to go!  Water will fill you up, and often times, you will confuse your hunger for thirst.


These are my tips, and that is how I did it.  Follow those rules and you are set.  It will be hard, but do it and you will be able to feel as great at I do when I step on the scale and see that I weigh 30 pounds less than I did in late 2014.  Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, and that is just the truth.



Your Short and Skinny Babe


P.S.  If you are having issues starting your diet and need some assistance with curbing your appetite, I used these pills which seriously helped me out.  And I am not a pill popper type of person, but these are great and I did a ton of research before using and I have to say that they really helped me out.

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