straight out of a (horror) film

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with outer space–obsessed even.  Like, if outer space could file a restraining order against me, it would, because I have stalked it like no other!  I have owned constellation sneakers, place mats, thermos’, t-shirts; literally you name it.  So, obviously when my new bae suggests that we go watch a meteor shower, I jump at the opportunity.


Tonight, December 13, 2015, is the Geminid Meteor Shower.  It will not happen again (from what bae told me) for another 19 years, which is fucking sick because I got to watch this particular one while I was young with tight skin, whereas in 19 years I’ll be old and wrinkly.


So, he texts me when he got back to D-Town from Miami and suggests that we star gaze.  Obviously I’m just like duh that is so cute and flirty and romantic, but I couldn’t come off that way.  I acted super chill when he told me about it, but really inside I was doing a MAJOR happy dance!!  I have never seen a meteor shower before in my life and the fact that a guy that I really like was suggesting to watch one together was just the icing on the beautiful and twinkly cake.


The show was supposed to peak at 2 am, but started earlier in the night, right after sunset.  So, at about 12:30 am he picks me up from my dorm and we head to “white rock lake park”, because that was the darkest area near us in Dallas.  Except we get there and it is SO FUCKING DARK and I felt like we were going to get murdered just like they do on AHS, so I told him that I wanted to leave. #whoops #killedtheromance


From there we drove back to campus and went to the top of one of the parking garages.  We laid all the blankets down on the floor and cuddled on them.  He rolled down the windows of his car and turned on some music, and we just gazed.  It was so cute it was cheesy.  It was like it was straight out of a Disney Channel movie, but nonetheless, I will remember it forever.  Even though the roof was a bit bright, I did get to see 6 meteors which was by far the coolest thing I’ve seen all year–and not to mention it was a great way to take a break from studying for finals!!


So yeah, basically my night rocked, while you are probably shacked up in your house, not watching a super cool meteor shower.




-Scared, Short, and Starstruck (literally)


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