Studying Abroad: education about food, wine, and men

So, I am back and after a really long time of being lazy and not posting on here (whoops, sorry, I got caught up in being me) I am finally ready to tell you about my summer…


Because I am a college student aka I am #poor my best friend and I decided to ask our parents to “study abroad” this summer in Florence, Italy.  I’m sure you noticed that study abroad is in quotations and that is because it was kind of less studying and more partying.  I mean, the class we took was Footwear Design and we are both engineering students…if that’s not a red flag for abusing the educational system I don’t know what is.


I am going to tell you a little bit about my scheming, but before I do I want to tell you why Europe has left a permanent fucking scar on my view of EUROPEAN MEN!  THEY FUCKING SUCK (dick and just in general) — not a day in Italy went by where we weren’t creeped on by those smooth talking, well dressed vultures.  They know they’re hot and they really use it to their advantage.  They will talk to you for two seconds, ask you to dance, and then suddenly you are in dry hump nation and you find yourself with a man who thinks the english translation for “hello” is “have sex with me”.  Um EW no thank you as if.


So now that I vented about that, let me tell you why you should study in Europe!

  1. The food you will eat is literally the best food you will ever have in your entire life and it’s cheap
  2. The wine is even better
  3. You will be perpetually drunk the whole time you are there, which is completely normal!
  4. You will have access to the world’s best shopping all with the best prices because VAT and because the Euro sucks right now
  5. You don’t even have to worry about calories because uber, yeah what’s that, it doesn’t really exist in Europe, so baby put on your walking shoes
  6. AND LASTLY, you will make close bonds with people who you wouldn’t have otherwise met, and you will cherish those bonds forever


So basically, if your parents are willing to pay for you to gtfo of America and travel around Europe with your best friend, SAY FUCKING YES!  Just remember to bring your pepper spray (you can buy one here) and watch Taken on the flight over!


Much Love,




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  1. You are very very lucky that you experienced Florence. I am so jealous. I stayed there for a day only and I’m so in love with it. I agree with you about the food and yeah they are good looking 😆. Thanks for liking my blog post.

    • Florence really is an amazing place! If I don’t go back for the sights, I will definitely return for the food <3

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