Kylie Lip Kit vs. ColourPop

Hi Everyone!  I’m sure we have all been fawning over Kylie’s Lip Kit for quite some time, and finally after a long time, I have been able to get my hands on some.  I went on the website about a week and a half ago and ordered two colors: Exposed and Dolce K.  Before I could get my hands on these babies, I went to the ColourPop website and ordered some of their colors (5 actually, because the price is just fire) so that I could have the matte lip without paying so much for it.  So, now that I have both matte liquid lipsticks I thought I would give you a quick review of them both.  And let me tell you now, before you even read all the details…Kylie’s Lip Kit WINS!


So…here are the relative pros of both ✌🏼

  1. When using the ColourPop mattes I find that they don’t really go on so smoothly and they dry out my lips.  Like that icky thing that happens to your lips when your lipstick just crackles and stuff…ew…yeah that’s what happens
  2. The Kylie lip kit’s application is much better–smoother and more precise
  3. The ColourPop lip kit does dry faster…I was kind of weirded out at how long it took for the Kylie one to dry
  4. The Kylie Lip Kit IS SCENTED — I’m not really a fan of that, but you know, whatever floats your boat…the ColourPop has no scent which I prefer
  5. Kylie Lip Kit to the touch is softer — like if I was touching it blind I would be like “wow…this baby has a really soft butt”


All in all, they both are pretty good…the Kylie Lip Kit is definitely more fab but you can buy many more products on ColourPop’s site for the same price, so you really need to know what you are in the mood for.   Also, find the picture with the colors below along with some comments 🙂
Love you all!




Lip Kit & ColourPop

This photo from right to left is Clueless from ColourPop, Exposed from Kylie Cosmetics, and Dolce K from Kylie Cosmetics.  For Clueless that one line took me about 4 strokes, whereas the Kylie ones on the left were both done in one stroke.  You can see on Exposed that it is still a little wet and I took this photo about 2 minutes after application–something that Kylie has to work on.  (so weird but on some web browsers and mobile devices the photo above flips….so the most pink color is Clueless, the middle is Exposed, and the one that is most brown is Dolce K <3)



  1. I haven’t tried Kylie’s Lip Kit, but I have tried Colour Pop! I was initially really excited because it looked so good online and even on my friends, but you’re right it just looks way to dry and cracked when applied. I’ve tried to put some lip gloss on top but that just makes it all messy. So maybe I’ll try the lip kit next.
    Thanks for the review!

    • You should try the Kylie Lip Kit! It is actually amazing! I love wearing the Exposed liner with nothing else, and I think it is really cool that now you can choose which liners you want to buy with whichever mattes you choose. If I were repurchasing I would do the Exposed lip liner, the Candy lip liner, and the Koko matte. I’m glad you liked my post!! <3

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