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Hi everyone!  For those of you who saw it, you know my last post was about skin care products, and lately I have really been researching the best of the best products for your face which also don’t put a huge hole in your wallet.  Just to give you some background, I have had quite a good amount of acne in the past and am constantly looking for just the best products you can use on your face!


Although I do have my own skin-care regime (which I showed you in my previous post) I decided to look into a more affordable routine that works well, just so that you all can have options, whether you want to spend a lot or not so much is all up to you.


So what I did was I went on amazon, my favorite shopping place ever, and ordered just the basics (mainly drugstore products) that I have seen in many of my friends bathrooms and in their vanitys.   


I am going to give you a full list of the products and tell you how much they cost on amazon as well as give you my thoughts!

  1.  Clean & Clear Morning Burst — for this product I ordered the set of the morning and night, but have only used the Morning Burst of this set.  The two products together were $8.97 which is definitely a good price point, and I think it is even less expensive than it would be in the drugstore.  My first opinion for this wash is DRYING.  My skin really felt SO dry after using it, just not really a good feeling.  Also I noticed after a few days of using it, my skin actually got worse so I just decided to move on to the next product. 
  2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash — this product was up next and it was definitely a big step up from the previous Morning Bust.  Priced at $4.97 it was about the same as the other one because in the previous purchase I received two face washes for $8.97.  Honestly I have to say that it kind of surprises me that a brand can produce a face wash and sell it for so cheap and still make profits, which really makes me question the quality of the products.  But whatever, I really liked this face wash much more than the Morning Burst because it felt much smoother on my face–the beads in the Clean & Clear just felt so artificial, and I liked that this one was smoother.  Overall, would probably buy this one again if I didn’t already have a face regime. 
  3. Proactiv 3 Step Starter Kit — this product was the most expensive out of all coming to $34.95 for the starter kit and I would like to tell you that it is NOT WORTH IT.  I know that people have seen great results with this stuff, but I just have to say that I do not vibe with it.  Starting with the cleanser, I just don’t feel like it cleans the way a $35 kit should, and it feels like straight chemicals are being poured into my skin and it is not a good feeling.  I have been using this shit for 3 days now and it fucking hurts my face, but I am doing it for you to give you the best review that I can.  Mostly the pain occurs around my eyes and it just feels beyond terrible, like I washed my face this morning (7 hours ago) and MY EYES STILL STING!!!  It is the area around my eyes like the eyelid and the part under, I guess the eye bags, but it just stings so much, so clearly this stuff is not made for sensitive skin–and I never considered my skin particularly sensitive.  This product definitely deserves a big thumbs down and I will not recommend it to any of you and will never buy it again.


I do have to say that during this experiment I was really really excited to try a new product and fall in love with it and replace it with my current face wash which is quite pricey, but honestly I was just not that impressed with anything.  So, for now, I will be sticking to my expensive face wash!  Of course, if I come across a new one that is both better and more affordable you all will be the first to know!  


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Love you!


Short with Sensitive Skin (apparently)


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