straight out of a (horror) film

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with outer space–obsessed even.  Like, if outer space could file a restraining order against me, it would, because I have stalked it like no other!  I have owned… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

Many struggle with their weight on a daily basis.  I know I did.  Whether you went through a stressful time in your life or you just like to eat, you packed on the pounds, and now are ready to say… Continue Reading

Sex, Science, and Studying (minus the sex)

Every.  Single.  Night.  I have a dream about college.  It is only 10 days until I get shipped off and I am just SO excited.  However, that is when I am awake.  In my dreams I keep seeing myself running… Continue Reading

A Pretty Virgin

Every time I tell somebody I am a virgin they look at me as if I just told them that my parents are aliens.  People just don’t seem to understand why someone who could definitely “get some” chooses not to.… Continue Reading

Nothing a Bit of Sun and Alcohol Can’t Fix

So I am sure all of you have been wondering what I look like.  You think, who is this short girl with incredible wisdom, impeccable fashion, and an insane love for food and travel?  Well in this post I will… Continue Reading

The “C” Word

Do you ever have to pack for a trip and just not know what to bring? Ya that’s me.  Except this time I’m packing for college.  Yes I said the “C” words…it’s frightening.  Being that I’ll be in this place… Continue Reading

Tales of a Poor Betch

So being cut off definitely has it’s benefits.  First off, I don’t buy as much food so I’ve lost 4 pounds. #BikiniBod  Also, now that I don’t have money to buy shoes I have to wear my old Louboutins, and… Continue Reading


As I begin my journey to college, one word keeps flashing in my head: BUDGET.  No, not like the moving company.  I’m talking cash.  I live with the constant worry that I will run out of money or not have… Continue Reading

Face It

Being here in Asia has consisted mostly of nature hikes and spa treatments.  Therefore, lately, I’ve been neglecting my daily beauty routines aka hair, foundation, mascara, etc.  As per coincidence, for the past few days I have also been feeling… Continue Reading

How long exactly?

As the end of June rolls around I begin to think about what a bummer it is that summer is passing so quickly.   I think we can all relate to that.  However, as I think more about it, I… Continue Reading